Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This blog is...

Well, first and foremost this blog will be what my blog title is, but ill explain it in simpler terms.
I am an aspiring television writer. I am pursuing television writing. I will post updates throughout my voyage. I.E. What I am currently working on, random yet relevant thoughts/ideas, accomplishments, opinions etc. You get the idea.
If you have followed the blog of another aspiring television writer - this blog will be very similar...

I will also be posting movie reviews, "Why I Watch" segments, television reviews, relevant news and other things of that nature.

I'm also a huge nerd.
I Love: video games, comic books, books, electronics, music, graphic novels, anything scifi, anything fantasy, but more specifically, I love Doctor Who... A LOT. I'll try not to post too much Doctor Who related things.

I'm not treating this as a personal life blog. Just something to get my ideas and opinions across and to get my work noticed.

I promise I won't be just like the rest of them. :D

Thank You
Michael Jones

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