Saturday, March 31, 2012

WIW (Why I Watch) - Battleground

In case you didn't know, Netflix are not the only streaming company offering orignal content anymore. Hulu has joined the gang.

Battleground is Hulu's first original show. It is a sitcom in the style of 'The Office' that follows the campagin of a Wisconsin state senator who is running for the United States Senate. The show catches the romantic and political situations of the candidates young staff members.

Battleground is great, because it contains elements of smart comedy and silly comedy. The dramatic elements are enticing as well. You really get an adequate understanding of who these characters are and what they're specifically bringing to the show. Every character deals with they're own problems that really suck you in and make you relate to them, then they'll make you laugh your ass off. I find myself relating to the personalities of almost every character, yet i'm a dummy when it comes to politics.

There are a great deal of important decisions being made in almost every episode. Usually each character has opposing opinions on the situation, which makes for a great argument, great comedy and the audience on their toes to find out who's side of the story will follow through to the decision making. 

I'm not going to go on about comparisons to 'The Office' or Netflix's 'Lilyhammer'. Yes, it is a REAL SHOW on THE INTERNET. The future is here ladies and gents - get used to it and just watch the show.

JD Walsh (creator and writer) is incredible and is doing a great job with the show.

Watch Battleground... You won't regret it.

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